About Us

600 x 400 Rauf

 Abdul Rauf Farid

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ARQ ENGINERING (SMC-PVT) LTD

Since its establishment in 2011, We are focusing on Mechanical, Electrical & Instruments & Civil works in Industrial sector. It is the support of customers that made the company what it is today, and we at ARQ ENGINEERING hope that customers will continue to provide such generous support and encouragement.

ARQ ENGINEERING will strive not only to meet the expectations of our customers through enhancing quality and technology, but also to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. 

To grow our business, we will increase productivity of existing businesses as well as expand into new areas. We will also work to ensure the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients are met, by expanding the scope of our business. We believe that helping to create a sustainable world through our business will lead to further business growth. 

By taking advantage of ARQ ENGINEERING collective expertise and strengths, we will expand into new areas in light of structural changes to society and the economy. Based on ARQ Engineering people-oriented management philosophy, ARQ ENGINEERING will do its utmost to present customers with a better future.


To create value for our customer by providing exceptional service with using a professional approach. We strive to deliver superior quality projects our clients with meeting budget and schedule and deadlines.


We are inspired to build company where “People” come together to share their dreams and create wealth by putting together their undivided efforts and talents.

Building-up a world class company in the field of mechanical, electrical & instruments & civil works and as general order supplier through continuous improvement in technology, quality, services and achievement.


Core value of our firms to provide highly technical, skilled resources to meet our clients are operational needs.

To provide high standard safety. 

To provide operational skills on economical cost to our clients